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Hi, I'm Mark Hodgkinson from Doncaster, England and what you would call an 'anorak' when it comes to radio jingles. I have collected them from a variety of stations across the world for many years.

If you're also a collector then I'm always open to swaps; either traditionally by exchanging CDRs in the mail, or preferably over the internet by using a file hosting service. I collect jingles in the .wav or .mp3 file format or on CD and concentrate on packages from UK stations; but also have a range of packages from US and European stations.

As well as primarily collecting full packages, I also collect demos from jingle production companies in the UK and other countries plus offshore radio and jingle enthusiast CDs.

If you find something of interest in my collection then please contact me to arrange a swap for something in your collection.

Although I'm interested in the majority of jingles offered to me by other collectors, you can find a list of jingle packages that I'm specifically after here.

To save you time scanning through my extensive listings to find new material, here now follows a list of the 15 most recent additions to my jingle collection with the latest towards the top:

  • DigiMusic Internacional (Mexico) 1996 Thompson Creative Demo CD

  • KenR #CW-41 WBT (2 CD Set)

  • KenR #M-114 Best Country Volume 1 CD

  • KenR #R-19 Song Of The South Volume 1 CD

  • KenR #R-21 Way Out West Volume 1 CD

  • KenR #R-27 Nashville Cats Volume 1 CD

  • KenR #R-32 Southern Comfort Volume 1 CD

  • KenR Pro-Pak CDs #PRO-04, 06, 07, 10, 13 & 14.

  • KenR Power-Pella CDs #PW-01, 05, 06 & 07

  • KenR #SB-06 Love Stereo CD

  • KenR #DJ-15 Casey's Countdown CD

  • JAM-6 The #1 Choice For Jingles Demo CD

  • JAM-13 Country Favorites Demo CD

  • KenR #M-108 All Request Volume XII CD

  • KenR #M-109 PAMS Blaster Volume I CD

Wheatley Radio

When trading jingles over the internet I prefer to trade in the waveform audio (.wav) file format for optimum sound quality (where applicable). However, as .wav is a raw and uncompressed file format, files can be very large in size.

To make trading these files easier and to reduce upload and download times, .wav files can be encoded (compressed) using FLAC or Monkeys Audio software, which compresses the .wav file down to a much smaller file size, but without the deterioration in audio quality as with the lossy .mp3 format.

On receipt of these compressed files, the third party can decode the files back to the original .wav format files using the same software. Furthermore, media players such as WinAmp now include codecs to directly play both .flac and .ape files.

Wheatley RadioWheatley Radio was Mark Hodgkinson's bedroom radio station in the early 90's, which broadcast to his brothers' bedroom down down the landing. This web page features a selection of archive aircheck recordings and jingles.

JingleMad.COMIf you're looking to find other jingle collectors, or you simply just want to talk to others about jingles then why not check out JingleMad.Com.

In addition to the above, there are many other web sites on the net dedicated to radio jingles - some of them by jingle collectors like me! For a list of links to sites that I have collected over the years please Click Here.

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The Most Wanted

Although I'm interested in the majority of jingles offered to me by other collectors, you can find a list of jingle packages that I'm specifically after here.